I started to study medicine to do something that makes sense, to do something good. I then did what a student does. I partied, got new friends and traveled. But finally I had to start working. What I found, working in my first hospital, was not what I expected. Tagging a diagnosis correctly with a code and treating as many patients as possible seemed to be more important than actually helping people. Many times I closed a patients door the patient raising a hand like a customer in a restaurant asking for attention. It was awful, sometimes nurses against physicians. I learned to leave the patient, feeling grief and deep anger for the people who forced me to work this way. The following years I worked in six different hospitals, private and public, in search for a working ecosystem that does not burn out its people. Even after I got my board certification in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Hand Surgery and Emergency Medicine and climbed the ladder I did not find it.

I took a break and found a solution after all. One that already existed but not really in my profession. The world that opened up for me was about #newwork, #teal business ideas and #futureofwork. Those are cooperation designs that fit perfectly well into healthcare. Here people have a high intrinsic motivation to do stuff that matters right from the start. Highly motivated I did a brilliant coaching with futureyou, courses in self-management, E-health, story-telling, took part in Working out Loud circles and read a lot of books. I realized that change is possible and I will try to make that change in order to cultivate a better working environment for health professionals and for future generations.

At the moment I am involved in several projects to serve that goal, exchanging ideas with people in academia, and working in healthcare businesses. It already feels great! If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

Apart from that I am still working as a Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon of course. Several times a year I teach physicians as a trainer of the Allergan Medical Institute. The participants are taught the aesthetic treatment with botulinum toxin A and hyaluronic acids according to the  MD Codes™ from Mauricio de Maio. In this context I was trained by internationally renowned doctors and communication trainers and will continue to be a speaker for the Allergan Medical Institute.


from 10/2020: COO + Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon

01/2020 - 09/2020: Professional Training

Coaching by Sandra Chemin (futureyou)

Online course Coursera: E-Health (Sydney University)

Course: The Story Skills Workshop (Bernadette Jiwa)

Working Out Loud circle “New Work in Healthcare”

Cooperation with Young Aesthetics, Hannover, Germany (Facilitator)

since 01/2018 Speaker and Trainer

01/2016 - 12/2019: Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon

Clinic Pöseldorf, Hamburg, Germany

07/15 - 12/15: European trip

Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, France, Portugal, Spain

01/2014 - 06/2015: Senior Physician Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

HELIOS Kliniken GmbH St. Johannes Hospital Duisburg

10/2012 - 12/2013: Senior Physician Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Clinic Vest, Treatment Center Paracelsusklinik-Marl

2011/2012: Backpacking trip

One year backpacking through 14 countries around the world.

10/2010 - 06/2011: Senior Physician Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Bergmannsheil and Children’s Hospital Buer

08/2007 - 09/2010: Assistant Doctor

Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Bergmannsheil Buer

01/2006 - 07/2007: Assistant Doctor

Department of General and Visceral Surgery of the Marienhospital Marl

01/2005 - 12/2005: Resident physician

Department of Trauma Surgery and Hand Surgery of the Paracelsusklinik-Marl

01/2004 - 09/2004: AiP

Clinics of the City of Cologne-Merheim. Teaching hospital of the University of Witten/Herdecke.


10/2002 - 11/2003: University of Cologne

Human Medicine, 3rd State Examination, PJ

07/1999 - 09/2002: University GH Essen

Human Medicine, 1st and 2nd State Exams

08/1998 - 06/1999: Universidad de Valencia

Human Medicine, ERASMUS Scholarship

10/1996 - 07/1998: University of the Saarland

Human Medicine, Physicum