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LINKS I LIKE thanks Gunnar and Katja for creating my website ♥ how does internet and technology helps the team human? How can we find the others that do not want to enslave themselves to the machines and AI? Nice thoughts. Loomio is an app that helps people have discussions and make decisions together.

A Cup of Teal Teal is short-hand for the future of work. It means bringing your whole self to work, a focus on purpose and self-management. This podcast is a chat, over a cup of tea with the people who are making this change in health, care and the public sector, sharing stories of self-management in action.

Buurtzorg [pronounced: bürtsorg] is the authoritative care model from the Netherlands. In just 10 years, Stichting Buurtzorg has become the largest care provider with over 14,000 employees. The special thing about this 14,000 people is that they all work in small, independent care teams with a maximum of 12 colleagues: no care management, no hierarchies, no boss.