OP-Hauben. OP-Haubentausch


There are very cool scrub hats, natural made of fabric that you don’t always have to throw away. My favorite hood is for example one with skulls in the style of the dia de los muertos from Mexico. It makes you in a good mood and sometimes brings a smile to the face of one or the other patient. But at some point, every hood gets boring. Buying new surgical caps over and over again is absolutely unnecessary. Because the obvious solution is simply an exchange with colleagues with the help of a scrub hat exchange! Please send me a picture of the hoods you want to trade via the contact form or hello@larskleining.com Then we’ll figure out which one you get from me. Or the tastes are too far apart and there is no exchange. This should not be taken personally ;). Perhaps I can also mediate between surgeons with a better taste during the exchange of scrub hats The duration of the exchange can be individually arranged. Have fun operating!

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