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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
 (Mahatma Gandhi)

Welcome to The following blog entries and additional content are intended to reflect my thoughts on plastic and aesthetic surgery and the world around it. I would like to get in touch with colleagues who, despite the hardening way to becoming Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons, have preserved much of their idealism. We are the ones who have not stopped believing that there is still hope in our ever worsening health system. In a professional exchange I would like to find ways how we as a professional group can work together meaningfully in the team in the future. We do not want to be driven by politics or economic constraints in an increasingly competitive professional world.


The book and podcast of the same name by the American author Douglas Rushkoff called “Team Human” is a good example of such a path. It shows how one can try to take advantage of the exciting new possibilities of the Internet and the tech world. Collaboration forms seem possible that go far beyond what we as doctors can imagine at present. With this tool we could be better at our work than ever before. Because one very important goal has led us to study medicine and unites us: the desire to help people, whether Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons or Internists. I am now looking for new ideas that will make working as a doctor in a team better.


These ideas are shared entirely in the spirit of open source without any commercial ulterior motives. There will be interesting links and sources. Here is perhaps something for patients or even the own friends.

You’re invited to be part of the team.


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